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Joe Dodani, the founder and president of JustLand.com, Certified Land Sales Specialist and is Associate Broker who has only brokered land deals for over ten years.   He has won numerous awards and was one of the top 100 agents out of over 100,000 agents worldwide with RE/MAX in 2005. He has successfully closed hundreds of land transactions.

He has worked with land owners, investors, and other land agents. He has used many different tools to find the best deals. Some of these tools are hard to find and are at different sites or designed in house. 

JustLand.com provides all these tools to other agents, land owners, investors, builders, land services providers at one place. JustLand.com got input from other land agents, land owners, investors and has taken over three years.

Tools like easy to search, easy to list, custom upload and download, custom reports.  The site will have Customer Relationship Management module designed just for the people who deal with land to track land deals, track land clients, track transactions with important dates and tasks. 

We want customers to find the best land experts for every city. We call them Just Land Gurus. 

The agents will also have option to have a custom private website with listings imported from JustLand.com to CRM and best deals into the private website, for those personal clients. There will be directory for land services providers. There will be events, blogs and news about real estate targeted towards land and many new tools to come which will be recommended by you the users. 

Joe Dodani  invites all agents, land owners and land & home services business to Come & try JustLand.com for FREE for 1 year

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